I am the CEO and founder of the Gender Equality consultancy firm www.natashastromberg.com , which I set up with the aim of putting Gender Equality at the very centre of the Business World.  The story behind my company is one that will resonate with many professional women. I had been working in the financial sector for 20 years and as my career and the careers of my female peers advanced, I started to see large numbers of talented women leaving the workforce just as they were entering the peak of their careers. I realised that there were deep structural issues in the British workplace, which mean women who have worked tirelessly to succeed since school age, retreat from a world of work that does not meet their needs, ambitions and lifestyles. I wanted to found a company that addressed this through consulting, coaching and public speaking. I have an extensive background in investment banking and financial regulation spanning 20 years and draw on this experience when working with corporate clients.

Natasha Stromberg